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O-torii Gate

O-torii Gate

Important Cultural Property

Designated as a Specially Preserved Building on April 5, 1899.
Designated as a National Important Cultural Property on March 29, 1952.

The O-Torii (Grand Torii Gate), which stands in the sea about 16.8 meters in height, is among the most well known structures of Itsukushima Shrine. The present O-Torii construction is based on the Ryobu-torii style, which is a wooden Shinto gate design marked by four supporting pillars. Its roof is thatched with Japanese cypress bark, and the entire body coated with vermilion lacquer. The four-pillar torii style is said to have been adopted when the torii was rebuilt in 1547. The main pillars are approximately 13.4 meters tall and 9.9 meters in circumference, and the crossbeam is approximately 23.3 meters long. The O-torii is approximately 212.7 meters from the Haiden (Main Worshipping Hall) and 173. 4 meters from the Hitasaki (Front Lantern), and is supported by its own weight. The current torii, which is the ninth, was erected in 1875.