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Hiroshima style savory pancakes

"I wonder why every time I smell the sauce, I start feeling hungry..."

Hiroshima people become talkative once they start discussing about okonomiyaki.
"That restaurant is good" "This one is better"... they introduce restaurants of their favor one-sidedly.
And toppings are also one of themes of chatting.
For example, "Are you a "Soba-noodle person" or an "udon-noodle person" for okonomiyaki?" Otherwise, "Do you prefer squid tempura or cheese for topping?" Or, someone says "I never eat okonomi other than with something something sauce!" Thus, they love talking about it.
Moreover, they often make okonomiyaki at home.
Every family has "okonomi day" once in a week, usually it is for a dinner on weekends.

It started originally after the Pacific War, when wheat from U.S.A. became affordable for the home. It was called a "one coin western dish" that you spread flour mixed with water thinly on an iron plate, and baked putting minced leek or fried batter for tempura on the top.
As Japan became rich, they came to put soba and udon, and the famous "okonomi sauce" was developed. It stepped on various stages, and it has come to the present "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki"

Somehow okonomiyaki restaurants attract us other than just its taste as well.
It is their homey atmosphere ... They will ask "How are you?" "What okonomiyaki would you like?" in strong Hiroshima dialect. A space that you can somewhat feel relaxed. That is what okonomiyaki restaurants are about.
"Okonomi village" is not the only okonomiyaki restaurant.
Yes, there are okonomiyaki restaurants in Miyajima, too.

Don't you want to eat good okonomiyaki right now?

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

[ Ingredients ] 4 servings (serving 1 pie)

Batter *
・・・ approx. 200cc
Pork belly
・・・ approx. 160g
・・・ approx. 500g
Bean sprouts
・・・ approx. 120g
Minced leek
・・・ appropriate amount by preference
Minced nori
・・・ appropriate amount by preference
Tempura scraps
・・・ appropriate amount by preference
Dried bonito powder
・・・ appropriate amount by preference
Chinese noodles
・・・ 4 servings (1 serving per pie)
・・・ 4 servings (1 serving per pie)

* Mixture of wheat flour, water and one beaten egg.
Adding grinded yam or stock made from tangle instead of water is a good alternative.
Make it thick enough to be able to spread it, when you drop it on the grill.

  1. Spread batter in a circle on iron plate and sprinkle dried bonito powder (temperature of iron plate is around 180 degrees).
  2. Add cabbage, bean sprouts, tempura scraps and meat. Drizzle some batter down on it. Turn it over so that the vegetables and meat do not break up. Wait till the vegetables get cooked.
  3. While waiting, slightly season the Chinese noodles with sauce and pepper and fry them.

  4. Put the fried okonomiyaki on the noodles.
  5. Spread a beaten egg in a circle and put okonomiyaki on it before it gets cooked through.
  6. Turn it over again and spread okonomiyaki sauce, sprinkle minced nori and minced leek to complete the dish.