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Sightseeing Spots


The biggest wooden rice scoop was made in the year 58 of the Showa period to leave the traditional craft Miyajima-zaiku for posterity, and also as a symbol of Miyajima. It took 2 years and 10 months to complete. However, it had been kept in storage for 14 years because people couldn’t find a place to display it. But in December of the year 8 of the Heisei period, the Itsukushima shrine was listed as a World Heritage site, and the name of Miyajima Hondori Arcade changed to Miyajima Omotesando Arcade, and to commemorate it, O-Shakushi was placed on display at this location till the present day.


Size Length : 7.7m    Maximum Width : 2.7m    Weight : 2.5t
Material Zelkova (270 years old・Height 13m)