Miyajima Oyster Festival

Miyajima Oyster Festival Oysters, Miyajima's specialty, are served at low prices.
Date : In the second weekend in February

Miyajima Hina Doll Festival

Miyajima Hina Doll Festival See the antique dolls on display at over 30 locations throughout Miyajima.
Date : March 19 - April 3

Kiyomori Festival

Kiyomori Festival the Kiyomori festival in the motif of "Itsukushima Shrine prayer parade of the Heike family".
Date : March


Toka-sai The court dance and music introduced into Miyajima from Kyoto by Kiyomori Taira is dancing by the gagaku.
Date : April 15


Shin-noh Shin-noh in the Toka Festival was assumed to be held for three days from the 16th.
Date : April 16

Hiwatarishiki in Daishoin Temple

Hiwatarishiki in Daishoin Temple The "Hiwatari-shiki" is sponsored by the Daishoin Temple and takes place twice a year on April and November 15th. This is a religious rite performed by the Shingon Sect of Buddhism.
Date : April 15, November 15