Hiwatarishiki in Daiganji Temple

Fire Walking Ceremony

  The Acala is said to be "Kyouryourinjin" and has a mission to lead people to the Buddhism as the incarnation of the Dainichi Buddha. He carries blaze on his back angrily, and he holds a salvation rope in his left hand and a treasure sword in his right hand. Using these items, he burns down, cuts and ties up the worldly desires. His violent appearance makes people confess. He has also heart of mercy to save people from the depth of heavy suffering.
  The purple holy fire with the Acala as the principal image is to pray for world peace, prosperity of vajrayana, happiness for all people and productiveness of grain. Also, it is a great holy fire to pray for clearance of misfortune / welcome fortune, accomplishment of wishes of worshipers.
  Moreover, the later fire walking ceremony is converted to Acala, and it is a ceremony to take his act of charity for accomplishment of wishes back to your home.

Hiwatarishiki in Daiganji Hiwatarishiki in Daiganji

Date ⁄ Time 2:00 p.m., November 3 every year
Place In front of Holy Fire Hall of Daiganji Temple
Entrance fee Free
* Public visitors can also participate in the fire walking ceremony on request.
Flow of the ceremony
Sutra for the great purple holy fire
Fire walking ceremony (fire prevention method)
* If you would participate in the fire walking, please be ready to be bare feet on the spot.
* Reception place of tea and cakes is available in the precincts.

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